Custom Captain America Figure – 2.0

I did a repaint of one of the Hasbro Titan Hero 20″ Captain America figures last year. I got a good deal on a bundle of the same Captain America and the 20″ Iron Man for only $15. It was too good to pass up.

This time I wanted to do one thing I didn’t do the first time and that was repaint the face. I had been practicing and I think it paid off in this one.

The rest of the figure is pretty much the same paint job, except I added a little silver on the chest area and went with a metallic gun metal on the parts I made grey on the previous figure.

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Custom Creation – 1/4 Darth Vader Helmet – The Journey Begins…

Last year I saw a video on YouTube by Cosplay Chris. He took a Jakks Pacific Batman figure and totally re did it. It looked great when he was done and it really inspired me to go out and get that same figure and repeat his process. I did that and then I got hooked on getting these low cost but very nice Jakks Pacific Big Figs. I got a Boba Fett and re did that one. Then last year, I saw they were coming out with a new Darth Vader figure. They had previously made one in the Revenge of the Sith costume, but this new one was in the classic Empire Strikes Back look. To some people, they wouldn’t have even noticed the differences, but others do. Anyway, I was lucky enough to get the figure on Amazon during a flash sale for only $15 compared to the $30 regular price (which still isn’t bad).

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Jakks Pacific New 20″ Darth Vader Figure Review


Jakks Pacific has a bunch of quarter scale Big Figs from Star Wars. They made a Darth Vader a few years ago, based on the Episode III version (my least favorite version). I was glad to see that they were coming out with a new one based on the classic Empire Strikes Back Vader.

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Custom Captain America 20″ Figure

This is a 20″ Captain America Titan Force figure, by Hasbro. It started off looking like the classic comic style Captain America and with my repaint, made it look more like the Avengers: Age of Ultron and Civil War suits that Captain America wears.

Aside from the face, everything has been repainted. The navy and brown were Rustoleum spray paints and I also brushed on some Testors enamels for the red and silver.

The figure is pretty good looking unaltered, but a new paint job, or even just some weathering and detailing really makes the figure look better. Hasbro gives you a nice base to work with.