Custom Jakks Pacific 18″ Boba Fett


Boba Fett is one of my favorite characters from Star Wars. He may not have had that many lines, or the greatest death of any character, but he had the coolest armor around.

When I saw Jakks Pacific’s 18″ Boba Fett, I liked what I saw. From the factory, the figure looks pretty good (you can check out my review of that here if you want: However, I knew it could be better. So it made it my goal to take this figure and make it look even better.

Here is my result.


I made mine the Empire Strikes Back version, which has a light blue flight suit and green gauntlets and jetpack (the Return of the Jedi costume has a light tan flight suit and maroon gauntlets and a blue, red, and yellow jet pack).


Some of the more noticeable changes I have made is a totally new belt (made of leather, complete with holster and sidearm) and the new flame thrower gauntlet. This part was 3d printed (and the tip broke off! oh no!) I will try to repair it at somepoint. I had to cut off the old flamethrower and use some apoxie sculpt to fill in the gap. I also made a new cape with the correct color and design. Take a look at some more pics below!








A little before and after



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