Jakks Pacific New 20″ Darth Vader Figure Review


Jakks Pacific has a bunch of quarter scale Big Figs from Star Wars. They made a Darth Vader a few years ago, based on the Episode III version (my least favorite version). I was glad to see that they were coming out with a new one based on the classic Empire Strikes Back Vader.

Unlike most of the other Big Figs, this is a deluxe version that has a light up lightsaber and movement when you squeeze the figure’s legs together. It makes noise and says some lines from the movies (re-recorded lines, not by James Earl Jones).  For me, this doesn’t matter, but for kids, this might be a fun feature. This figure comes in at 20″ tall.  It’s nice that Jakks, for the most part, tries to keep its Big Figs in scale. For example, Boba Fett is 18″ and the Rogue One Death Troopers are 19″. (Kylo Ren and Rey, however, are the same height).


Looking at this figure, Jakks has done a great job capturing the look of the ESB Vader. It has the black and gun metal chest armor and correctly colored chest box. The sculpt on this figure is very well done.


It actually has less articulation than standard Big Figs because of the moving action features. The left hand, featuring an open hand, twists, as does the arm. The legs do not move forward, just together when squeezed.


The cape features the same, crappy fabric as all Jakks figures, but for $30, it’s not a huge deal. It has a nice, but little too big chain. The inner robe is sculpted on the chest and fabric from the belt down.


The helmet looks like Vader, of course, but to me, it looks cartoony. The eyes seem too wide open and the face is a little wide. I konw this seems nit picky but considering their Boba Fett looks great and their Batman v Superman figures were scans of Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill, its a little let down that the Vader isn’t the same level of accuracy. Probably 98% wont even think twice about this, but for the few people like me, it looks a tad off.


Overall, I would give this figure an A-. This figure looks great on its on, but with a few mods, like a new cape, it would look even better. It is a great base for future modifications. If you want a large Vader figure, I would pick this one up.



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