Hasbro Marvel Legends Iron Man Helmet Review


The Iron Man helmet and Captain America Shield are the first two offerings from Hasbro from the Marvel Legends Prop line.

I believe this helmet is based on the Mk VIII from The Avengers. It is a very detailed and accurate representation of that helmet. Although it is all plastic, there is a good weight to the helmet. The faceplate is removable and is attached via magnets on the helmet. It can be positioned in the up position as well. The magnets hold it firmly in place although don’t dry to hold it by the faceplate in the up position, it will detach. With the face up, the chin can be extended and articulated down for better chin movement.


There is a helmet strap that mounts inside and is adjustable. It isn’t that comfortable to wear for long periods of time with this. I would recommenced ditching it and adding foam and fit to your own size. I will do this at some point.

I got my helmet on Amazon via the Amazon Warehouse Deals. It retails for $99 new but I got it for $65 due to there being some minor imperfections on the surface. There were some light scuff marks on the top but nothing severe.  I was fine with this because I might repaint the whole thing down the line, and definitely add some weathering and light damage to it.


As a lot of people have said, the paint can mark easily. This may be more of an issue if you plan to wear as part of a costume, but for collectors it isn’t a big deal if it’s only gonna sit on a shelf.

Speaking of costumes, it would be hard to wear this. The visibility is very limited, especially with eye lights on full power. It is also hard to breath due to there being no air ways in the helmet. It’s definitely better as a prop collector piece than costume piece.


One thing I wish the helmet had an on/off switch for the sound. It can get a little annoying when your fiddling with the faceplate and it keeps making noises.

Aside from that, I really like this piece from Hasbro. I give it 5/5.


  • Accurate replica of the Mk VII Helmet
  • Detailed interior
  • Light up eyes
  • Fits many head sizes
  • Magnetic faceplate that can be mounted in up and closed position


  • Can mark a little to easily
  • Hard to see/breath when wearing
  • Rear flap can be tricky to sit right





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