Hasbro Marvel Legends Iron Man Helmet Review


The Iron Man helmet and Captain America Shield are the first two offerings from Hasbro from the Marvel Legends Prop line.

I believe this helmet is based on the Mk VIII from The Avengers. It is a very detailed and accurate representation of that helmet.¬†Although it is all plastic, there is a good weight to the helmet. The faceplate is removable and is attached via magnets on the helmet. It can be positioned in the up position as well. The magnets hold it firmly in place although don’t dry to hold it by the faceplate in the up position, it will detach.¬†With the face up, the chin can be extended and articulated down for better chin movement. Continue reading Hasbro Marvel Legends Iron Man Helmet Review


Final “Rogue One” Trailer Drops


So here it is. Probably the last bit of new Rogue One footage until the movie (unless they add some new stuff in 30 second TV spots, which is possible). What do I think? I think it looks awesome!

We get a little more fleshed out idea of what the plot is and stuff which is good. We also get a bunch of cool looking shots of different locations.

This is my favorite shot .

So cool looking!