Repainted Rubie’s 24″ Captain America Shield

Until recently, with the release of the officially licensed Hasbro Marvel Legends 24″ Captain America shield, finding a nice quality and affordable Captain America shield was a tricky task.

You had officially licensed stuff from the cheap end (really cheap) with the Rubies and then at the expensive end (really expensive) with eFX.

The Hasbro is a nice middle ground ($99) for officially licensed Captain America shields. Now I do want to get one, but the pristine condition the shield comes in looks too nice for me to repaint with a weathered, battle worn finish.

So that’s where the Rubies’s shield comes into play.

For the low, low price of $15 (now $17 ) I got the Rubies’s Captain America Winter Soldier Steath Shield. Now I got this one cause it was cheaper than the classic shield and I would be repainting it anyway.

Here’s how it looked when it came. It’s pretty flimsy but it’s only going to be a display piece for me.


After a coat of Rustoleum grey primer, I used Rustoleum metallic aluminum. Then wetsanded to mimic the spun aluminum look.20160802_16133020160802_161334

After this, I taped off the the middle ring and star circle for the red paint.

The red I used is DupliColor Metalcast Red. It is a translucent paint specifically made for spraying over metal to let the metal shine through. For my shield, it will let the spun texture I made be visible.


I let this fully dry for a day and came back and did the Metalcast blue for the star area.

For both the red and blue I did light coats to build up the deeper shade.


After the tape was removed, I had the finished painted shield.


As you can see, the masking around the edges wasn’t perfect. But I was happy with the color. I could have left like this, but…..

I couldn’t help myself. I wanted to weather it.

And I did.


Weathering was done using sand paper and some black liquid shoe polish rubbed on and then off. I was really happy with the look.

I couldn’t decide, however, if I wanted to keep it matte finish or try a glossy finish.

Well, I just happened to be spraying some nice automotive 2k gloss on my Darth Vader helmet, so I used up what I had on the shield.



These last pics aren’t the best but I really makes the color pop. I like how it looks now.

This was a pretty easy project and didn’t cost much at all.

  • Shield = $15
  • Paint (2 cans) = $16

So for $31 and a little time and effort, I had a pretty decent shield for displaying.

I already had primer, shoe polish, and tape. If you wanted to do the same, add about $9 or $10 dollars.

The gloss I used was Spraymax 2K Glamour Gloss. Pricey at $20 a can but it has great results. I only had it left over from car repairs. The Rustoleum Gloss Clear would work just as good for this purpose.





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